Since becoming a Realtor I have had to find a balance between two extremes common to many salespeople.

I was drawn to real estate by my belief that I could help people, and so put others first, But the way the industry worked, it seemed that you had to project confidence, knowledge, even a sense of superiority if you expected to succeed. In other words, you had to have a big ego.

I soon learned that these were qualities of the stereotyped real estate agent, when in actuality, the succesful agent did, indeed put people first.

In fact they seemed to put almost everyone else first - their family, their friends, even their compettion if that made for a better situation for everyone involved. In other words, they had to become servants. In the truest sense, they had learned to humble themselves.

The information on my web site cannot take the place of a personal meeting, but it will give you a chance to know a bit.


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